Denis Gilbert


Need For Speed Hot Pursuit

I know that this is an “old” game since it was released in 2010, but from my personal point of view this is the best game of the series. Last year the producers have launched the latest version of the game, but to be honest it is not that great. Too much publicity has been made for nothing. I expected more from that game and I am a little bit sorry that I bought it. But enough about it, let’s talk about NFSHP and where can you read more information about this awesome game.

When I first played this game I was amazed by the great landscape. The producers may have put all their good stuff in this game because you have it all: you have sun on the coast, rain on the forest, snow on the mountains, day and night action. What could you want more? You can check out best news about more games, but still this one is most certainly the best.

The graphic of the game is a 10 – the attention to the details is awesome. The arcade gameplay is well done and fun at the same time. The action takes place in the Seacrest County, an amazing region created by the producers, filled up with great landscapes, a region that includes 160 km of open roads: national roads, motorways, forest roads and various shortcuts.

The career is pretty good for that time, you can be a cop or a driver. Both sides have good equipment, new weapons on their cars like spike stripes and EMP (electromagnetic shocks). As a cop, the best action is when you are on a team and organize jams or you call the helicopter to help you. As a driver, you can block the communication between cops or you can activate the Turbo mode when you happen to be on the edge.

The list of cars is pretty generous and there are good marks like BMW, Audi, Chevrolet, Nissan and also Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Maseratti and so on. Whether you are a cop or a driver, you will be able to choose almost all the cars from this list, just a couple of them are designated for one the categories.

As I said above the day and night action is a good one so you are able to explore the Seacrest County anytime of the day or night with one of the super cars that you have. The radio station has good songs (I have played other car racing games and I need to say that some of them had pretty annoying songs on their playlist).

All this been stated, let me ask you something: what can be more amazing that to drive your favorite car in a world where all depends upon you? Critics have stated the fact that this game lacks of realism, yet they didn't reveal more details, but who cares when you have a great time. Playing this game is a real pleasure for me and from time to time I play it all over again.